Story of How a Book Took on a Life Of Its Own

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Writing a book is no small fete. There is nothing more gratifying to an author than to put their book in the hands of readers. First, however, the book must go through the editing process and then finally, to press. Sometimes, the book takes on a life of its own.How does a book take ona life of its own?

The Story Behind Two Books…

I had been working on a book titled Spheres of Influence for many months when the book just seemed to take on a life of its own. As the editing process began, it became clear that the book I was trying to weave into one was actually two books. Suddenly, it all made perfect sense and the book began to flow more naturally, allowing the second book to compliment it perfectly. It is clear now, that the book should have been two all along.

Book One: Crowd Success

The first book is Crowd Success: How We Achieve More Success in Business and Life Through the Power of the Crowd

This book dispels myths and hype to focus on proven methods, backed by science to leverage the power of the crowd to achieve a more meaningful life and greater success. Read More about Crowd Success, the book.

Read Crowd Success, the book by Rebecca Murtagh!

Crowd Success by Rebecca Murtagh will publish in September 2016.

Book Two: Spheres of Influence

The second book is Spheres of Influence: How to Connect With the Right Customers, Influencers, Investors, Media and Employees

This book outlines how to find and connect with those most likely to help you achieve your goals. Spheres of Influence will show you how to apply the mindset behind Crowd Success to create qualified, engaged audiences from zero online, and offline.

Spheres of Influence will publish shortly after Crowd Success.



Author and Founder of Crowd Success™ - Rebecca Murtagh is a passionate entrepreneur, author, professional speaker and fierce champion of others' goals and dreams. She has worked with, or for, Fortune 500, Silicon Valley Startup, multi-national consumer and technology brands, small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs from a diverse range of industries around the world. Rebecca is an internationally recognized thought-leader whose successful career includes writing, professional speaking, training, founder an award-winning digital consultancy, blogging and podcasting.

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