Crowd Success, The Book

Crowd Success™

How We Achieve More in Business and Life Through the Power of Human Connection

Crowd Success™ Book Description:

Do you dream of success or aspire to live a more meaningful life?

Whether you are building a career, launching a startup, crowdfunding a project, growing a community, Read Crowd Success, the book by Rebecca Murtagh!marketing a brand, promoting an idea, or evangelizing a cause; the better you understand the inherent power and science behind the crowd, the more successful you will be.

We are genetically wired to help one another. Unlike the thousands of books that encourage individuals to view life as an individual journey; Crowd Success emphasizes the power of the crowd, and the important role we play in one another’s quest for success and meaning.

Dispelling Myths and Hype

Popular culture has introduced millions to Six Degrees of Separation, Three Degrees of Influence, and The Secret (Law of Attraction). Crowd Success strips away the hype to connect science, math and the laws of human nature to illustrate the power you have to achieve ANY goal.

Take control of your destiny. Fulfill your potential for professional success, personal fulfillment and a meaningful life with Crowd Success™!

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