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Crowd Success Open Forum

Crowd Success OPEN FORUM #2

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WHEN: Friday, April 17, 2020 2:00PM – 3:00 PM Eastern

WHO: OPEN TO ALL! (Meet your hosts below!)

WHERE: A live video/phone meeting with live chat.
Instructions provided with registration.
Video Conference is limited to 50 participants.
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WHAT: Looking into the Future, what can we expect, and how do we prepare for work, business and life after Stay at Home Orders?

Open Forums are unstructured conversations designed to answer questions and

Share your tips, ideas, resources, tips,and connect with other entrepreneurs, executives and professionals to talk it out, Hank and Rebecca invite you to join them to explore topics like:

  • Managing the delicate balance between empathy and operating some level of normalcy with your career or business.
  • Tips on productivity, leadership, and managing work/life balance when it’s your doing it all in the same place 24/7.
  • What the future might look like after coronavirus.
  • Finding the silver-lining…How to make the most of where you are right now.
  • Support others, ask for help, make new connections, build a new network and support others in a friendly, casual setting with some really great people!

Meet Your OPEN FORUM Hosts:

Rebecca Murtagh - Human AI Evangelist Author and Coach

Rebecca Murtagh, Human AI Evangelist, C-Suite Advisor and Innovation Coach to Entrepreneurs, Executives and Teams 

Hank Hoffmeier

Hank Hoffmeier, Sr Manager of Client Solutions at iContact and Marketing Infotainer

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