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Looking for ways to adapt and succeed amidst today’s challenges?
Join us for an open forum where we will work together to help one another solve problems and achieve our goals faster.

Coronavirus has suddenly forced tens of millions of people around the world to adapt to a new normal. While businesses adapt to talent working home for the first time, many professionals have lost their jobs, individuals, leaders and teams are seeking ways to adapt quickly.


Recording of Crowd Success OPEN FORUM #1 on March 27, 2020

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RECORDED: Friday, March 27, 2020 2:00PM – 3:00 PM Eastern

WHO: OPEN TO ALL! (Meet your hosts below!)

WHERE: A live video/phone meeting with live chat.
Instructions provided with registration.
Video Conference is limited to 50 participants.
RSVP registration required for video/phone/chat.
(to minimize spam and discourage bad actors)

WHAT: NO AGENDA – just a platform to connect and help one another solve problems and succeed!

Need help adapting your business or career strategy to succeed amidst today’s challenges?

Whether you are looking for ideas, resources, tips, work, new customers, clients, or just want to connect with other entrepreneurs, executives and professionals to talk it out, Hank and Rebecca invite you to join them to explore topics like:

  • The importance of staying positive and how positivity translates to stronger relationships with customers, clients, vendors, employees, stakeholders, etc.
  • Best practices for managing remote talent (productivity, collaboration, communication, etc.)
  • Tips on leading remote teams (tips for creating a virtual culture)
  • Automation tips to streamline business and marketing processes that free resources in your organization to do work that supports the bottom line.
  • Tips for leveraging lessons learned from this disruption to “future-proof” your business from future disruptions.

Meet Your OPEN FORUM Hosts:

Rebecca Murtagh - Human AI Evangelist Author and Coach
Rebecca Murtagh, Human AI Evangelist, C-Suite Advisor and Innovation Coach to Entrepreneurs, Executives and Teams 

Hank Hoffmeier
Hank Hoffmeier, Sr Manager of Client Solutions at iContact and Marketing Infotainer


Crowd Success OPEN FORUM is designed to connect people interested in helping one another survive and thrive for sustainable success!

Come with YOUR challenges, questions or solutions.
Attendees are invited to participate and contribute to the conversation, which we expect will include, innovation, virtual work, productivity, marketing, sales, networking, automation, and more!

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